... About Me ...

Welcome to the blog of a nomadic cook. 

I'm Juliane, the creator of Kitchen Cactus. Although I was born in California, I have lived in various places around the world for the past several years. I began traveling after graduating from college and haven't been able to stop since then. On the way I've seen all sorts of bizarre things and tried all sorts of bizarre food. I was lucky to be raised in a household that loves food. My mom is an excellent cook and spoiled my sister and I with home cooked meals since we were old enough to eat.

I first started blogging while I was jobless in Australia and spent half of my day in the kitchen experimenting with different types of foods. With all this free time, I discovered some really good recipes and wanted to share them with my friends and family back home. I try keeping recipes simple and generally avoid buying exotic ingredients that I will only use once or twice. Everything I write about has been taste tested by one guinea pig or another. I also try everything that I make, and only post the good results. As a food blogger, I should confess that my main dislike in the food world is pumpkin pie, as well as most pumpkin desserts (so no, I have not tasted those recipes).

This blog isn't meant to be anything fancy. I consider it a database of recipes that I love and recommend to my friends and family. There are probably lots of typos, and the formatting may not be perfect, so feel free to contact me if something doesn't make sense. Enjoy Kitchen Cactus and the recipes, and I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions about my posts.

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