Saturday, April 21, 2012

Orange Glazed Strawberry Scones

I have finally been able to use a real kitchen again! It has been way too long since I baked and I was thrilled to get my hands covered in sticky dough again. Since summer fruits and berries are starting to taste better and are more readily available, I decided to make these strawberry scones. I also wanted to bake personal sized pastries as opposed to a large pie or cake since right now there are only 2 of us at home and I knew I'd be sharing whatever I made with our neighbors. I found this recipe and it sounded like the perfect way to use up some of the strawberries I had just bought.

As I mentioned in my easy scones recipe, I don't always have the best of luck with scones. I often find them boring, dry, and unexciting. This recipe was the opposite of all those things. The orange zest adds great flavor to the dough (I may have eaten quite a bit of it raw) and the strawberries make the scones moist. I really like that the butter is grated in this recipe and you don't need to fuss over cutting it into small chunks. It may seem like there's a lot of sugar in this recipe when compared to other scone recipes, but I found it to be the perfect amount. The strawberries become soft and jam-like after they're baked, so I ate these without any extra toppings, like the usual butter and jam. The glaze is a nice addition, but not totally necessary. It makes them look really pretty if you're baking for looks, but if you're impatient not to worry, the flavor is in the scone, not the glaze. I opted against making the egg wash, but I'll add it in the recipe in case some of you prefer that look. I ate these fresh out of the oven and was in homemade pastry heaven.

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