Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lime Possets with Mint and Mango

I wanted to make panna cotta for dessert one evening. However, my grocery store was out of gelatin and did not receive a new shipment for a few days. I scrambled to find a similar style dessert that I could make without gelatin. That's when I stumbled across the easiest desserts I have ever made: possets. Possets are a custard-like dessert that consist of cream, sugar, and come lemon or lime. They taste delicious, especially when topped with various fruits. This one combines mango, lime and mint to make an exotic tasting. Though the ingredients are rich, thew dessert itself feels light.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Red Snapper with Bell Pepper Chermoula

I wanted to try making chermoula for a while now. Though this recipe is not exactly authentic, the flavors are delicious. If you enjoy spicy food, make sure to keep the seeds of the serrano pepper, otherwise the bell pepper chermoula is mild. I let the bell pepper chermoula marinate overnight to bring out the flavor. If you do this, the recipe comes together very quickly the night you serve it. You could use any kind of white fish that you like with this recipe. You can also cook the fish differently if that is easier for you. I have sauteed the fish before when I didn't have time to get my grill going. I usually serve this with couscous or rice. 

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