Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nutella and Traditional Rugelach Cookies

I have always been a huge rugelach fan. As a kid I I would devour the chocolate variety any time they were around. I used to consider them a special treat when my mom brought them back from the bakery. This recipe is somewhat time consuming, but the cookies are delicious. I have made these many times in the past and have shared them with coworkers for holiday. They have always been a huge hit with all age groups. I only recently made Nutella rugelach, but they are so easy to make that it may have to become a regular thing. They are also very addictive and it is impossible to only eat one- consider yourself warned.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Middle Eastern Herb Omelette (Ijee)

This omelette has been a family breakfast favorite for years. It's loaded with healthy herbs and is full of flavor. I love serving this with fresh bread, some sliced cucumber and tomatoes and a cheese plate. This may not be a very traditional brunch or breakfast item, but it is delicious. my family and I just made this again over the weekend and as always, everyone was stuffed and the entire omelette was devoured.

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